Growth of an analytical software product family in Asia Pacific

Situation: i-flex solutions (now, Oracle Financial Services), a leader in software solutions for the banking industry had developed analytical solutions for banks and had success launching the brand in the US and India. Asia Pacific, which held plenty of promise, was of deep interest and while the company had made some sales, it was yet to become a powerhouse for the sales of analytical solutions. The founder of Yellow Rickshaw was asked to relocate to the region as head of analytical products to help energize the region and implement lessons learned from the US.

Engagement:  Clear guidelines for sales identification and qualification were established. In addition, accountability was clearly defined. Country plans for key geographies were developed and tracked. Regional sales teams were trained and enabled to actively court business decision makers and stakeholders – typically a weak area for the sales team that was more comfortable talking to the CTO/CIO’s office.

Result: The analytical products business exceeded its targets gaining some key Tier 1 customers in major markets along the way.