Differentiating an IT services offering in a crowded marketplace

Situation: A large India based IT services provider wanted to grow its business with its largest customers through servicing additional business units for the customer. There was fierce competition from other India based majors already incumbent at these business units. The founder of Yellow Rickshaw was hired to grow the business at client entities in Dallas and St Louis.

Engagement: Since the offering was largely undifferentiated from the competition, the approach taken to grow the business was to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business and then cultivate a trusted advisor relationship. Since competing on price was largely irrelevant and highly undesirable, a consultative selling approach involving increasing client awareness of the supplier’s domain expertise and experience was successfully employed.

Result: By developing deep relations with key customer stakeholders, the business grew substantially over a three-year period to encompass client entities in three locations within the US involving five different business units.